Yes, my friends, it's true- at long last lovely local San Francisco postcards are available worldwide at the click of a button! Or a few clicks, as I'm new and will probably not figure out the most efficient way of doing this right away... (suggestions? yes please!). For now- here they are! 18 designs. $1.00 each. More info and how to order below the pics!

#1- awning, 18th st.

#2- awning, sign- new mission cafeteria (now submission/balazo). gone.

#3- wonder bread factory silos, Alameda st

#4- capri motel sign, Lombard

#5- old Emporium walkway, off 6th st.


(that's the new Federal building under construction in the background)

#6- Brake place on 9th st

(note- I actually take my car to and recommend this place, though they no longer have the mural.
I gave them a postcard once but they just seemed confused. Oh well!)

#7- mural, sign, 19th and Mission

#8- shoe repair place- 17th st by Mission

#9- somewhere way out in the Sunset. Balboa?

#10- Goodman's lumber, Bayshore. gone.

#11- out past City College off San Jose

#12- New Mission Theater, Mission st.

#13- BBQ place on Clement.

#14- 24th st, near Mission.

#15- the On Broadway.

#16- hardware store, 25th and Mission. gone.

#17- Zarathustra's art. gone.


("end capitalism")

#18- Alexandria Theater, Geary blvd

The back looks like this....

More about, and how to order some...

These lovely little cards are on a recycled cotton linen vintage-y card stock (thank you 1984!), printed in soy ink, and are 5.5 x 3.5". They do not have white borders- that's the website. To order, you can (until someone has a better idea of how to do this) paypal me the money at anandiwonder@yahoo.com. $1.00 per card, plus shipping- 50 cents for 10 or less, $1.00 for 10-20, contact me re: more/outside lower US. Let me know which ones you want and where to send em, and I'll get them right out! Also available- nifty 6 packs! Packaged in a cello envelope with an insert. Gifty goodness!

If you live in the Bay Area- you may buy them at Modern Times Bookstore, Dog Eared Books, Green Arcade, and Needles and Pens. Want to carry them in your store? Please get in touch! My email is above.

PS- Please don't attempt to contact me via the address on the back of the cards! It will not work.